Andover Business ProfilesWhat are business profiles, well according to a profile is a set of data … portraying the significant features of something” as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Your Facebook page, for example, portrays the significant features of your life.

Thus, a business profile is a set of data that portrays the significant features of a corporation or other business entity. Most business profiles include the business’s industry, a summary of the business’s purpose, estimated yearly revenue, and number of employees.

Advanced business profiles, which are usually behind paywalls, contain the names and contact information of important people within the company. This can be used for the purpose of generating sales leads.

I the case of What’s On In Andover Business Profiles we study and write about businesses that we have either used as we needed their services or products or they are one of our clients, our first business profile is about a company that is one of our clients and I have been using their services for many years.

So our first business profile is about the excellent service and business information about the Foxcotte Veterinary Group, one of the leading vets in Andover.



Creativewebtech is a small business started as a matter of necessity due to illness, to cut a long story short my doctor told me to change my career, what do you do having worked in the same industry for 25 years. Simple take a look at what you know, what you enjoy and what you need to accomplish, I know about computers, I enjoy technology and I need to pay my bills. So is born KSG Computer Repairs, with a small advert in my local parish magazine, a cheap and cheerful business card and a simple 3 page website KSG grew to a well used a established local business.

With a solid customer base growing and answering every enquire with a positive answer and turning down nothing, suddenly I had a productive small business and very quickly I found a need for that good old fashion service, the ability to help with out needing to charge to give advice and help to people over the telephone and by chance after a call from my webhost I was given the opportunity to move into web design and hosting, but KSG Computer Repairs Website Design and Hosting was a bit of a mouthful and with a little advise from a very good friend KSG turn into CreativeWebTech.

Here at CreativeWebTech we offer full bespoke website design, domain setup & hosting, full PC services including data backup and recovery, virus protection, software install and upgrades, home networking, tuition, and internet connection the list goes on and on, all websites by CreativeWebTech are bespoke, we never use templates for the basis of our designs unless requested by our client, we start with a totally blank canvas and produce the website to your specific requirements

We are able to produce flash elements for your website or for you to use on other sites banners, photo galleries, border edging, all is possible, please have a look at our Portfolio to see a small selection of the websites CreativeWebTech have produced for our clients, all websites are custom built to the clients requirements.

Being able to carry out such a vast and varied range of services at the right price you will find CreativeWebTech will always be happy to come up with an answer that will suit you.

CreativeWebTech can offer a complete IT Service from the smallest of pc repairs to keep your home or small business running smoothly to a superb fully bespoke web site design, hosted and supported all under the one umbrella, CreativeWebTech, Making your online experience profitable, enjoyable and professional.


Creativewebtech - Andover Business Directory -

Creativewebtech – Andover Business Directory –


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